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  1. I saw this topic today: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/6jdnsg/professional_photoimage_editing_tools_for_linux/ Linux only has one really good solution for photo editing: GIMP But you will find many users who 1) are a bit annoyed by the interface or 2) will discover main drawbacks. A professional photo editing tool Linux port should be profitable if the company uses +- 3% of it's resources for the port. In all other domains Linux already has good professional tools. For office you have the non-free SoftMaker Office, even when you have capable free professional office software like WPS Office and LibreOffice. MATLAB supports Linux. A music producer can use Renoise, or Bitwig Studio 2 (the most modern DAW in the world) on Linux. Elite colorists can use DaVinci Resolve 14 on Linux. Industial Ligt & Magic, Rodeo FX, Weta Digital produce all their high budget movies on Linux workstations. Professional video editors like Lightworks support Linux. Many innovative car brands (e.g. Audi) use only Linux for their design workstations. These days, you can even turn a Linux PC into a decent gaming machine. Valve almost has 4000 games with native Linux support. And that number doesn't include many other Linux games that you can find on itch.io, https://www.gog.com/, Humble Store, independent game project sites, etc. Professional software like CityEngine and many proprietary CAD programs have perfect support for Linux. But professional graphics editors and photography is the only software category where Linux doesn't have an important non-free option. As a photo editor developer, you can't fix all the problems with being restricted to two operating systems by yourself. However if you are not supporting more than two operating systems you are adding to the problem.

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