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  1. Hello Many thanks for developing so complex yet affordable editor. I am facing strange behavior of batch processing. I watned process 1300 timelapse shots (JPEGs) for preliminary video check. No big science, just small contrast adjustment and saving as resized JPEG. I recorded a macro (curves + merging layers). I set a batch job - macro, saving as JPEG resized to width 640. I selected all 1300 files and ran the job. Everything went fine. But I forgot to uncheck saving as Affinity format. So I deleted all files and set a job again with the same setting except saving in Affinity format - just JPEG. I was loking forward much faster processing. But it surprisingly took more time. In addition I found that only roughly a half of shots were processed. I ran series of tests but result was always the same - smooth and complete processing if Affinity format was also selected, slow and incomplete processing if only JPEG was selected (except when I selected only 500 shots - then all shots were processed but processing was also slow). I found following: Batch job with Affinity format - processor load 100% continously - disk load 100% continously - memory load - nothing noticeable - files list displays processing progress (green circle arrows) Batch job only JPEG - processor load 100% but there is dropdown to 0 every aprox. 15 seconds - disk load 0%, rises to aprox. 15% when processor is down. Files are written, probably 8 x 2 files at the beginning, 8 x 1 file later, individual files at the end. - memory load rises to full memory size, then drops a little bit and rases again. At that moment processor goes down except 1 thread, memory is very slowly released but no file is saved. - Affinity looks like frozen, files list is displayed but no progress. I made also test withour resizing, I decreased reserved memory, of course I switched Affinity off and on and I also restarted a computer but behavior was always the same. Finaly I tried job which only saved JPEGs to other folder without mocro or resizing. Result was the same just memory was not used to full size. The same test with afphoto format was successful. I have version Regards, Tomas