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    loons49 reacted to Ash in Affinity Photo for iPad wins App of the Year 2017!   
    Hi All,
    We're over the moon to announce that Apple have selected Affinity Photo for iPad as their App of the Year 2017!
    We weren’t really sure this year could have got any better. From our big launch on stage at WWDC in June, to all the amazing reviews and feedback we’ve had from many of you – we’ve been totally blown away by the response our app has had. It's important to say that to create an app like this has only been possible with all your support. Not just help with the beta and development of the app itself, but in making Affinity such a success over the last few years to enable us to invest in the development of a big project like this.
    If you haven't yet got the iPad version of Affinity Photo we are running a flash sale, just for the next 48 hours, to get it with a 50% discount. We can't imagine running such a big discount again for a very long time(!) so don't miss out on that. More info on our iPad page here.
    Also we'd love you to help spread the word about this for us. It's been a while since we've done a competition like this, so if you:
    Like our Facebook page and share or comment on this post
    Follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet
    You'll be entered into a free draw to win a 12.9" iPad Pro! The closing date is 12pm GMT on Saturday (when the flash sale ends), and we'll announce the winner on this thread.
    But more than anything, thanks again for all your continued support.
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    The Winner of the iPad (mentioned in this post)  is in a reply to this thread here
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    loons49 reacted to Fly_Boy in Affinity photo iPad version support and wd wireless passport   
    You may have answered my question.  I don't have an iPad yet, but seeing the 10.5 pro and Affinity Photo makes me think it will meet my needs.  I want to use the iPad while traveling and possibly away from internet access.  It seems like I shouldn't have a problem getting photos from my camera onto the iPad and that Affinity will do a great job of processing the files as I am used to on my Mac.  I would like to be able to save processed files off the iPad to something like the WD Passport wireless.  It would also be nice to be able to view the files on the WD wireless drive.  Will this work as I expect?

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