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    am_affinity got a reaction from 115joykig in [By Design] Affinity Photo import PSD bug   
    Hello Affinity team,
    I've bought your app on App Store and tried to use it by importing a PSD file.
    The file is composed by images and text levels. As soon as I opened the PSD file (Photoshop CC), I tried to modify the text but its not possible. The text is created using the Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold font.
    How can I modify the text using Affinity Photo on my iPad?
    Thank you so much!
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    am_affinity got a reaction from 115joykig in Indicators while positioning object   
    Hi to everybody,
    Do you know if Affinity Photo includes the indicators for checking in real-time the distance between objects or alignment like in the attached pic?
    Thank you so much!

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    am_affinity got a reaction from Alfred in [By Design] Affinity Photo import PSD bug   
    So more than a bug, it's a missing feature. I hope next releases of Affinity Photo would let me decide between text as image or as pure text, even if I would loose the font.
    UPDATE: checking inside Preferences menu in Affinity Photo, I've found the Preference setting to transform the text in text layer. Now everything is fine. I have attached a picture about it.

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