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  1. Hi all, Has anyone else not received their verification email for their email address? I have requested and re-requested a number of times to no avail. Yet i have had the email from Serif welcoming me to the trial (even though i cannot download it).
  2. Thepominlaw

    Cannot Download Beta - Email Verification

    No it takes me to the download link then onto the download page where it asks me to verify my email from the email sent (which i have never recieved so i cannot proceed any further) I should say all this happens even though i am logged into my Serif account
  3. Hello, Recently bought Affinity Photo for use on my iPad Air 2, so far been unable to produce a panorama. I can load the pictures (have tried 2,3 & 4 images) As soon as I click ok the app crashes and my iPad goes to the home screen. This has happened every single time as yet I have been unable to create any panoramas. Please fix
  4. Thepominlaw

    Crash on Panorama

    I have nothing running in background still crashes on my iPad Air 2.