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  1. Thanks! It's working now. But I still get those weird error messages... :huh:
  2. Hey :) When I open a PSD file (which i obviously created in Photoshop) in Photo I get the following error messages: After ignoring these messages I tried to edit the text layers but to my surprise these layers got rasterized. Any solution? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Hey guys! :) I previously asked my fellow Photo users in this forum, if there is any option for changing the button from "ALT" to "CTRL" for the mouse wheel zooming. I´m a Windows User and coming from Photoshop it is pretty annoying that I have to switch to "CTRL" for my beloved mouse zooming. Is there any chance, that this feature will be implemented in future versions of Photo? Regards
  4. That´s really strange. Im hoping, that the guys at Serif will ad an option for enabling that.
  5. Hey guys! :) Just joined this forum and started using the trial of Photo. I am coming (what a surprise) from Photoshop and really miss a option in Photo to configure which button has to be pressed for zooming in with the scroll wheel. I am really used to using the "ALT" button (Im on Windows btw) in pair with the scroll wheel. The standard seems to be a combination of "CTRL + Scroll". Other than that I am really impressed with Photo. My not-so-powerful notebook flies through the program; this wouldn´t be possible with Photoshop. (My gaming PC on the other hand just doesn´t care if its open and running :lol: ) Awesome work! When there is money to spare I will buy this awesome piece of software B)
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