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  1. Thanks for the reply. Will try again today, but I think the crashes were actually during masking, and quite likely the 66 MB TIFF. We take photos or scans of jewelry, then we need to extract the jewelry from the background to make a transparent image. We haven't yet tried a chain with large exposed areas inside the chain, expecting that will be difficult, unless there is a better technique that can be suggested in those cases. For now, we are taking a solid chain with a simple gem and trying to making a simple mask extraction. Alternatively, we could also try to figure out how to successfully select the background given a potentially complex and detailed collection of chains and gems, and modify the background. Lastly, we will see if photographing with an iPhone or iPad will give us the results we want but with far smaller files to work with. Suggestions regarding Afifinity Photo tools on what we are trying to do? Particular tutorials that would lead us in the right direction? Thanks, Z
  2. I just upgraded from an iPad Pro 12.9 V1 to the new iPad Pro 12.9 V2. Having watched the WWDC keynote, I was excited to see the Affinity Photo demo and immediately went to the App Store and bought it. I'm running Affinity Photo V1.6.2. Going through the tutorials (on Vimeo) on inpainting and using one of my own photos (I tried a JPG and a TIFF), the app crashed three times. In each case, my history basically was blown away. Is there a setting to allow saving more frequently? I've had to start from scratch each time after the crash. Not encouraging! However, I am encouraged and blown away by the capabilities and thoughtfulness of the app. Clearly, the developers have put a lot of care into both the feature set and usability. But, I'm concerned about reliability thus far, and I've just started using it. Without reliability, I'm not sure how I can use it professionally, which is what I want to do. Has the app always been unstable? If the app crashes, is the history commonly blown away? Is there a setting that reliably assures my most recent edits, up to the crash, have been saved? What's the optimum UNDO limit on the new iPad Pro with 4GB of RAM? What's the optimum AUTOSAVE interval? I just set it to 30. Is that 30 seconds? 30 edits? Thanks! /P
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