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  1. Str8aero

    Vertical bars in HDR merge

    I am using the latest version from the app store.
  2. Str8aero

    Vertical bars in HDR merge

    Note that in my original post I stated that it worked fine once with another set of images... then I tried it again and got the vertical bars with a different set of images. Cleared and reloaded the app and tried again with this set of images and got the bars again. But, it did work once. In fact I have used it previously a few times and it worked, but in those cases I only did one set of images... didn't try and do another set right away. Thanks
  3. Str8aero

    Vertical bars in HDR merge

    i did up load the photos earlier today per the link you sent. Thanks... anxious to hear!
  4. I have had mixed success merging bracketed raw (DNG) images in the 'New HDR Merge' function on my 2017 iPad Pro. I had one that at least merged fine today, but two following attempts resulted in images with vertical bars. This was from 3 source images, one normal exposure, one 2 stops over and one 2 stops under exposed. After the first failed attempt I cleared Affinity out of memory on my iPad Pro and tried again with a different set of images. In both cases I had selected 'Align source images' on one I also had selected 'Perspective alignment', on the other I didn't same result! What is causing this?
  5. On the iPad, when initiating a new HDR project, there is an option if you go to Photos to select your bracketed images to click 'Select' and select all of them at once. However, that option does not appear if you go to iCloud (the little cloud image at the bottom of the import window) to select your images. I've created a folder in iCloud with raw bracketed images and use that as my source for doing HDRs, but the way it works now I have to go to iCloud and drill down to that folder to select each image separately. It would be a big productivity gain to be able to select them all ay once!
  6. Well, it was working as I described consistently the day I posted the question, it is no longer doing that! it seems to work fine now... (although it would be nice to be able to select multiple images from iCloud similar to the way it works if you tap on Photos!) I have cleared apps from memory and restarted my iPad since then... perhaps something with the upgrade needed to get reset. If I see it again I will respond! Thanks
  7. I am new to AP running on a 2017 iPad Pro. I have been working with AP over the last couple weeks trying to learn. One area I am interested in is HDR merge. I have been copying unprocessed raw (DNG) bracketed images from my Lightroom photos library and placing them into a folder on iCloud that I set up to test AP. I initiate an 'New HDR merge' in the AP app; get to the screen where I need to insert the photos; click on the 'cloud' symbol to go to my iCloud drive and select one of the bracketed DNG files (would think I should be able to select all three to start with?) from the folder I had created. It shows up in the window and then I repeat the process to select the second file; then the third, etc. Prior to the 1.6.3 update that process would select the file from the iCloud drive and move it into the app for processing and leave the original file in the folder inside iCloud. So, if I needed to abort my process and try again I would just go back and start over loading the files into AP. Since the update, the action of selecting the file in the iCloud folder for import into AP deletes the file from the iCloud folder! So if I need to abort and start over (or use that image file for another process) the image is no longer there! I need to go back and get another copy from my Lightroom library. I have tried it now with several different sets of images and each time when I load the file into AP it gets deleted from the source folder... sure seems like it shouldn't be doing that and I'm nearly positive it wasn't doing it before? Thanks in advance for your help! Rick

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