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  1. cjmiddleton225

    Batch processing: Resizing

    Hi Sean, thanks for your reply. Just to be 100% clear for the developers, I was doing the following: file -> new batch job Deselected AFPhoto Selected JPEG set and upscaling on a single dimension (x dimension) clicked on the elipse and changed the resampler, everything else remains default Changed the output folder to a sub folder of my input folder Imported all image in my input folder (about 30) With that methods, regardless of the sampler I chose it uses the same one. I think it was nearest neighbour, even though the default is bilinear. I am running AFPhoto V1.5.2.69 Thanks, Chris
  2. cjmiddleton225

    Batch processing: Resizing

    When doing batch resizing the method seems to be nearest neighbour regardless of the method chosen. I tried to get round this using a macro, but it would also seem resizing with a macro uses nearest neighbour regardless of method selected also. Chris