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  1. Nope, I was wrong. It is happening again even with what I posted earlier. Not sure why it worked that time. I found another piece to the puzzle though. The selection area from project 1 (one with print screen pastes from frames in videos in Vegas 14) is size 1280x720. When I then paste this into project 2 (project that has my thumbnail template) the pasted image size is 1290 x 726..... Don't ask me to explain because I have no clue at all. Affinity Photo does not behave at all like Photoshop sometimes which is bothering.
  2. Affinity Photo Windows 8.1 32GB ram R9 290x x 2 So I have been using Affinity Photo for a few months now after using Photoshop forever (since 2003). It is a nice program and definitely could, and should, kill Photoshop eventually but I am noticing all kinds of weird issues with it. I wanted to limit my posts to just one topic at a time and once I had enough information so this one is on the selection tool and a lot of odd things I am seeing with it. Issue 1: When zooming in on a selection sometimes the selection demarcations just vanish entirely as shown below in the screen capture. On zooming out they return, also shown below (in screen capture for #2). Issue 2: For whatever reason the selection tool is not protecting non-selected areas from changes. In the below image I have an inverse selection applied but when I went to remove the surrounding background parts of the inner-selection (which is not selected during an inverse selection) started to also be erased. Issue 3: When copying a selection from another project and pasting it into the one I am working on the pasted layer always is feathered at the edges. The below two images show the resulting saved png file from a project which the source, second image, was copied from a different AP project and pasted into the one I am working with. The source selection feathering is 0px. Issue 4: There are some serious drawing issues with the view port on my system. If I drag an image around it starts to cause corruption within AP's view port and at times it can also corrupt the selection demarcations as shown below. I will post a video of the view port corruption to this thread later.
  3. Same here, I don't know enough about the thought process behind the development of AP or the intentions of how things should work. All I know is that this does not happen in Photoshop and that has been the industry standard for decades. And I just fixed it. I turned on 'Force pixel alignment' but did not turn on 'Move by whole pixels' and the problem is no longer happening for either the flood fill into a selection area nor the copy past problems.
  4. An important note is that when pasting back into the source project, there is no feathering. The feathering only happens when it is pasted into a different project. Normally how I do thumbnails is to take screen captures in Sony Vegas with the preview window at the desired size (in this case 1280x720) and then I paste the screen capture (2560x1440) into Photoshop or Affinity Photo in this case. I then make a 1280x720 selection and then copy each thumbnail background from each screen capture layer (normally I will have 10 of them as I work in batches of 10) and go back and forth between the project which has the other thumbnail layers which go over the background where I then past the selection from the other temporary project into. In Affinity Photo the pasted selections in the main project always get feathered. I have attached two projects. The first is the source project and includes a layer with the selection pasted into it. No feathering. The second project simulates a main thumbnail project and in that one the same selection is feathered by one pixel on each side after being pasted. This issue may also be related. I am now seeing that anytime I try to use a selection area to either flood fill or paint into it is always being feathered even if the feather for the selection area is set to 0px. edge feathering source.afphoto edge feathering after paste.afphoto
  5. This seems to have fixed a few of these issues but I cannot be sure as I have not used Affinity enough post-xfire disable. Affinity is still feathering any selection area copy and paste though even though I have the feather setting in the marquee tool bar set to 0.
  6. Same here as Quantos. Affinity Photo, Windows, version --edit--- Has anyone tried Document -> Transparent Background as a workaround? I just noticed this and it seems to work.
  7. It is probably easier to show than explain this but I am seeing it all over the place since the more recent update in Affinity Photo: Not sure if it is visible but I have the marquee tool highlighting any pixels in the layer and it is only around the small rectangle object but the move handles extend way beyond the size of the stuff in the layer. Again, seeing a lot of this ever since the last update as well as an increase in artifiacting of the view port (I don't have any screens of that yet but I will try to get one). Is there a setting somewhere that controls how the handles are determined or is this a bug?
  8. The image is not large but I did do this in the screen capture, you can barely see the marquee selection outline around the rectangle. I even did the procedure you suggested (had to do it all of the time in Photoshop) and both tried deleting any pixels and also going over it with a size 300 eraser tool before posting and many times prior. It did not fix the problem. What did fix the problem was moving the rectangles around in the layer. I moved them to my designed final placement for them and the move tool handles are not stretching all the way across the view port now. Not sure why this worked. Again, this kind of thing is happening in every project I have started since the last update. If it were just a pixel issue that should not be the case unless AP is creating them on its own for whatever reason.

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