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  1. Hello, could be extremely usefull (and near mandatory to work fluently) to have a shortcut to quickly modify brush flow, or to change pixel brushs maybe. scenario: im drawing, im using a lot the finger tool, and sometimes there is small details i need to work with, that need a lot of flow, and other times i just want to melt a bit the colors, so i need a lot less. and i got to change a lot and a lot for my workflow, so having it at top left corner makes it a hell to use. go in the top left corner, modify, test if its ok, if its nto go back with mouse in top left corner... you get crazy in 5 minutes.
  2. well, ok, thanks for your advices, but still i think the software would need such shortcut. is there a shortcut to change pixel brushes?
  3. arf very sad thing... it makes the software almost unusable...
  4. Hello, im playing around with the pixel personna of affinity designer, i wonder if i could in any way change the "flux" (i got french version i hope its the correct name), by using only keyboard or keyboard + mouse? because its really frustrating, with the finger tool when you cant change flux (for now i got to go in the upper left corner which is the farest thing on universe from the part i am drawing)
  5. Hey, Could be great if affinity had something to sculpt a bit the nodes, without going one by one. (even if only one drag brush).
  6. Hey, Affinity designer could have something to decimate nodes with low angle difference? (given an angle parameter), Could be great for when we got a lot of nodes after some conversions. Also could be great too if we had something to smooth back the nodes.
  7. Hey, i find affinity designer very cool, i usually work with 3d things, but i wished to try 2d, and so i tried your software, and find it very cool, but would be great if i could see just with a basic shader, a texture made in designer, on a 3d model i'd import to it. I know it is not a 3d software, but i think even photoshop has something like that :/ please try to add something very basic.
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