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  1. Hi, I'm too late here. The solution is too keep the artboards X, Y position integer (no decimals). Thanks
  2. Hi Mike, Thank you very much for taking your time. Yes Mike, I tried the same as you suggested and it works now. So, there is no freeze. It just takes a huge time when compared to other softwares. But, I can only get the transparency intact only when I rasterise the image before export. What was the setting you used for your first PDF. My work around was to open the file in Affinity Photo, then rasterise and clip the image to the size of artboard there and then come back to AD and export the PDF. Took me like 20min. Huge difference when compared to other softwares and the file size is also 5x larger. As you suggested Affinity should look into it. Because this is our daily work around as a print designer and time is the key. Thank you for your help Mike and thank you for your feedback on the design :) Naveen
  3. Hi Mike, Here is the link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6aFlAKFfdJNNEYxSF9mX0FyNGc And I'm on a MacBook Pro 2016 - i5, 8GB RAM Thanks, Naveen Sekar
  4. Hello, I have simple poster design with a image background which has Transparency applied to it using the transparency tool. when I try to export it as PDF for print the transparency is gone from the background image. If I rasterise the image and then try to export, then the export process freezes. Please guide me to resolve this problem. Document size - 5x7.5ft Couldn't upload the file here. File size is 90mb. Source file - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6aFlAKFfdJNNEYxSF9mX0FyNGc Computer Spec: MacBook Pro 2016 - i5 with 8gb ram Thanks, Naveen Sekar
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