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  1. Hey there! I saw your demo at the WWDC and I decided to buy the app. Today my iPad 10.5" arrvied and I installed iOS11 on it. So I understand that there are still afew bugs here and there because, well, obviously. So correct me when I am wrong, I never saw the app under iOS 10, but I want to import a Photo from the Photos app, edit it and then save it back to the Photos app. What I see now is that I can export the edited picture, but just to the iCloud Drive. There is no option to export it to Photos. I will travel for 6 months and want to use Affinity and the iPad instead of Lightroom and my MacBook. So is this a bug under iOS 11 or canˋt I export back to Photos? And a question for future updates: Do you wait until iOS 11 is final and then fix the issues or do you have the ressources to acutually fix some of the big ones even during thr beta phase?
  2. @Callum Thanks a lot for your fast response! With bugs, I mean: At the moment I cannot import Photos from my Nikon D3300. The image is rendered horribly (RAW format). Might be another issue! I understand the purpose of your applications, but it would be nice to address Photographers who want to switch from Lightroom and use it more like a “I shoot 500 pictures, edit them in Affinity and then show them to friends and family” workflow! Anyway, good job with the app, looking forward to the updates!

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