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  1. I have a similar problem but in iOS 10, after I installed the most recent Affinity Photo update. When I'm working in an image and I want to import other image for put it above, if I do that through import from cloud, I use iOS 10 so from Documents5 instead Files, when I select the file to import nothing happen.
  2. I must add in that night I had the same trouble that other users are reporting: the alert of low space storage. And I noticed that with few photos the GBs of Affinity Photo increased a lot, for that reason I had to erase my current projects of that moment and focused only in one image that I had to cut and edit by parts, with constant exporting for reimport them like .psd without History.
  3. I have the same problem of see how much the used space storage increase exaggeratedly when I add photos that use just a bit of space. And for me is a big problem because my iPad have just 32gb.
  4. Yesterday I noticed that when battery is charging, Affinity Photo works very very bad, I have crashes very often, very long waiting time for save a file, including crashing while it was saving, I had a corrupted file once (I noticed that was corrupted because I didn't can open it and instead open the project the software turned to a black screen and close) and even once I had to do a forced reboot of iOS. For work better I had to cut the images for working them by parts and export very often for opened them again with a clean History. And even in this way, it crashed very very often. I know that when iPad is charging it doesn't work very well, but that low performance is exaggerated in Affinity Photo. I was working in a 2015 iPad Pro 12.9", with an image of 6000x4000, but even with 3000x2000 I had some problems too. Now that I'm not charging the iPad, the software works relatively well, just crashed twice when I was using the inpainting brush, but no more, no big problems and corrupted files. Regards! Sergi
  5. Thanks! I'm happy of read that you are working in fix it. ---- Jacki, I can't, the forum says I'm not allowed for do that.
  6. Hello. I have a problem, when I try do a line with the Apple Pencil, having the pressure activated or not, every time the beggining of every line starts with an ugly and fat dot. I tried unlinked the pencil and linked again to the iPad and restart the software and that didn't fix it. When I started with other software, I had the same issue but they fixed it in an update, I hope you can fix this as well and soon. Regards. PS: in the attached files, the lines are done from down to up, so down you can see the uglies dot in the beggining of every line.