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  1. I've attached an excel file and a .afdesign file that contain a graph very similar to what I'm trying to work with. This graph shows the same problem of tick marks not being visible. I'm now noticing that the lines of the axes are also being cut, as though there is a white box over part of them. I cannot fine any object in the pasted graph that would do that. Thanks a ton! Sample graph for Affinity Designer.zip Sample graph for Affinity Designer.afdesign
  2. I'm trying to paste graphs from Excel into Affinity Designer, and when doing so the tick marks on the outside of the X and Y axes disappear in both pixel view modes. You can only see them when switching to "outline view mode". I cannot find any objects that could possibly be covering them up. Is there a quick solution for this that I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Jason
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