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  1. This looks good – can you explain me how you export? I'm on Mac and i must do something wrong. Only PDF export i get is tha one – broken.
  2. Dear @GabrielM, please, can you attach your PDF/affile? If i Rasterize text group, i get still my broken export PDF. Maybe i make something wrong. Thanks!
  3. Here is – any tip or advice are welcome. diplom.afdesign
  4. For faster preview – screenshot from PDF file.
  5. Hi, I'm preparing a summer camp diploma. In Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer I see composition on a screenshot. Export to print is broken – see PDF attachment. I tryed rasterize text layers, export it from Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo too. What i'm dooing wrong? diplom.pdf
  6. I prepared apple-touch-startup-image – it have exact resolution specification. After export some of them does not work. I check them and see, i have wrong dimensions. But in Affinity Designer i realize, that is not my fault. Or is? Why is the height/width of exported image exactly 1 px bigger than artboard? Did i something wrong?
  7. Hi, i'm preparing PDF document for print. I need change color of all object with one specific color. Can i select all this objects by selecting color or selecting one object with this color? For example – 100 boxes in background filled with color CMYK 20,20,20,80 and some others objects (text, icons, logo) filled with different colours. I need change color of boxes to CMYK 0,0,0,100. Can i select one of them and all other boxes will be selected? Can i select all objects with color CMYK 20,20,20,80 and then change the color to CMYK 0,0,0,100? Thank you for answer (how) or adding feature to roadmap.