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    Green colour cast

    In answer to my own question I have been having a play this afternoon and a solution seems to be.... Image saved in Adobe RGB Open image..... colours look all washed out Document - convert profile-sRGB Document- assign profile - monitor calibration profile. Colours are now identical to how they look in Adobe software. Document- convert profile - Adobe RGB Would this cause a loss of colour data though by converting to sRGB then back to Adobe?
  2. Green tractor

    Green colour cast

    HI, Thanks for you time, I am running Windows 10. There is the option under file to import an ICC profile, however from what I have read think this applies to printer profiles? It is as though my monitor calibration profile (from a Spyder 5 pro) just isn't working in Affinity, but is in everything else. I have just noticed when sending an email that pictures appear with exactly the same hue when viewed in Outlook email.
  3. Green tractor

    Green colour cast

    Hi I am talking about an edited TIFF not a RAW conversion though. I know somebody else who has affinity and he has no problems could it be that he uses a Nikon and mine is an EOS 5D2. Even when I open the same RAW file in Affinity and Photoshop elements 15 they look different.
  4. HI I purchased Affinity a while ago and when I import images they always appear to have a green colour cast and are less saturated than they appear in Lightroom or Photoshop Elements, I have tried assigning and converting colour profiles. Assigning my monitor calibration profile seems to help slightly but it still doesn’t match the way it appears in Adobe’s software. Can anybody help?