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  1. A couple more updates. 1. My save problem was simply the result of having not allowed Affinity to access photos/camera roll when I did the most recent iOS update. That got resolved. 2. I was still having a massive problem with a particular file which would constantly crash and freeze with the simplest of actions. With further experimentation with the file I discovered that it was not actually "freezing" but rather taking a very long time to process and finish a task. Merging a layer would sometimes take up to 15minutes, ouch! Closing the file would get me the spinning wheel and take up to 20minutes to finish. The crashing may have been me being impatient and pushing too many buttons. After doing a step by step process of elimination, I discovered that the problem in the file were three masked layers (from selections). I eliminated those layers (after saving to the cloud) closed the file, restarted the program and voila, everything works like a charm now, go figure. Have abandoned doing masked layers for now and doing just selection/duplicate layer in the meantime. Since I’m behind in my work, I haven’t yet tried to duplicate doing a masked layer from selection to see wtf I did wrong in the first place, too exhausted for now. Maybe a kind soul out there can help us.
  2. Another follow up. After reading some other bug reports in the forum, in particular subraumpixel of sept.22, my crashes when trying to save to camera roll were the result of permissions when updating iOS. Once that was fixed my other crash issues seem to be resolved for the moment. I can get back to work and experience stress of the good kind. Thanks forum!
  3. As a follow up to my earlier post and Miltren’s observations, all was working well with the app till around the same time I did an iOS update about two updates ago, I think iOS 11.1.1. Progressively worse from there on.
  4. I’ve had to abandon my current projects on my iPad Pro 2017 since the app has become progressively worse. I can’t merge layers or adjustments without the app crashing or freezing. When I try to export a file in jpeg, tif to my iPad photos the app crashes. I can export to my flash drive from which I can then upload to the photos section in a workaround move, hassle. I’m updated on iOS. I’ve re-installed the app twice, no luck fixing the problem. My iPad is fully loaded with ram and storage. I love this app but am now stalled in my tracks. Help!!!
  5. Thanks MEB, before I resort to that I'm going to experiment a bit more. So far, I've found that if I "merge visible" rather than merge down, I don't get the problem with this file. Also, this peculiarity hasn't been an issue so far with other files. I'll be in touch if this keeps popping up. Cheers, Jim.
  6. On my iPad Pro 12.9 newest version, I notice that when I duplicate a whole layer or selection from layer, then merge, that I get a loss of resolution. I can regain some of the original resolution by sharpening but that doesn't sound like the ideal way to go. This does not happen on my desktop version of Affinity. This happening to anyone else? Cheers!
  7. Interesting reading..as reported in an earlier post above, my experience is that currently Polaar is the only app I have which opens my raw files from iOS Photos in full size. It even identifies what my raw files are in the thumbnails from Photos. I have Pixelmator but it opens the same files in a smaller resolution. Use to have Lightroom mobile (not a fan of the Adobe business model) and as I recall it would open full size raw files from photos. Haven't tried Snapseed. Using iPad Air 2. For now, either importing the raw files onto my laptop and putting some into iCloud for later import in Affinity for iPad or processing in Iridient to .tifs, upload to my Sansdisk flash drive with lighting connector then directly into Affinity, one at a time (is there a way to batch upload to Affinity?) I absolutely love this app! Hate the laptop and been counting the months for this to come out. Blows everything else for the iPad out of the water and I'm sure these guys will eventually solve this problem. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for the workaround. For the record when I load raw files from Photos on my iPad Air 2, I get full size images when I load into the Polaar app but the downsized version when loading into Affinity. Is this a temporary glitch with Affinity I'm assuming or I'm I missing something? Cheers!
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