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  1. I'm pretty new to Affinity Photo, but I've used the Flood Select Tool a lot in the past. It's not working for me, however, on a certain image. If I create a new document and paint a little and then click in my paint with the Flood Select Tool it works, but if I paste an image in and try to use it in the "(image)" layer it doesn't work. If I then merge that image layer down to my pixel layer I'm again able to use the Flood Select Tool to select color areas of the image. Can someone explain what's going on here? Thanks.
  2. Thank you. This is counter-intuitive to me since images are rasterized. What's the advantage to maintaining a (somehow) non-rasterized image layer?
  3. I know next to nothing about color profiles, but I suspect that's the reason that my new drawing appears to have a light blue background. Anyone know how I fix this?
  4. Fixed now. Thank you. I didn't know where to find that Color settings in the Document Setup. I noticed that new documents that I create are fine, but it's all of the old stuff that I made that had the cyan tint. In a new document, my color profile was "Display P3". The old documents had "LCD Color Management and Conversion" but changing them to Display P3 fixed it right up. I need a good tutorial on color management and profiles. It's a complex topic! Thanks again.
  5. Surface Book with Windows 10