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  1. Not sure if this has been requested yet, but.. I would like to see the Resource Manager available as a panel similar to the Links panel in InDesign, as well as being able to assign hotkeys to Resource Manager buttons like Replace (Relink) and Locate.
  2. I successfully installed it but it will not open despite warning me that there may be UI and performance issues because I refuse to use Windows Aero. I'm sure my workstation is plenty powerful enough to bypass these problems. Any chance of making the warning a warning, not just a refusal to launch the program? 2x Xeon E5-2630v3 (8 core, 2.4GHz Base), 64GB RAM, Quadro K4200, Windows 7 Enterprise.
  3. tannerjohnso1

    Won't open without Aero

    @CodeDog The command line option seems to work for Publisher as well. My personal laptop (with Win10) is my primary but with little time to use it lately, my work computer is the best option for playing with the beta.
  4. tannerjohnso1

    Won't open without Aero

    @Chris_K Thanks for the response. Unfortunate but If that's the case, I'll limit the beta to my Win10 laptop with Aero.

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