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  1. Noisefever

    Designer regulary crashes on zooming

    Okay, after installing the latest gpu drivers it works now pretty stable. Thank you very much!
  2. Noisefever

    Designer regulary crashes on zooming

    Have tried to rename the settings folder as you said. Nothing changes :( I am the only one with this problems? Then I test another machine.
  3. Noisefever

    Designer regulary crashes on zooming

    It seems not to happen with an empty document. But if I load just an PNG bitmap it crashes on zooming (not instantly but after some zoomes). Aside from that it seems to happen with any document. I zoom with the wheel and ctrl most of the time, but it happens also with the zoom tool. Sometimes it runs well for some time, sometimes it crashes nearly instantly. I assume a memory leak.
  4. The Designer crashes regulary if I zoom in or out. It doesn't matter on what image I work. Very frustrating! Unhandled exception: Code 0x0000005 I would post the crash reports and log file, but they all have the size 0 bytes.
  5. Noisefever

    Gaps between polygons

    Thank you but unfortunately it doesn't help. I don't do pixel art and it seems that the solution mentioned in the thread only helps in horizontal or vertical gap lines. However, I have done more searches now and found out that this seems to be a common problem of vector rendering. At least the developer claim that. As found in this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/2145-seams-between-objects/?hl=seams But honestly: this seems like an excuse. Because if I render the 1200x1200px image 10 sizes bigger (12000x12000px) and then shrink it in an external application back to 1200x1200px, then there are no gaps! So this is not a problem of antialiasing in the first place, but of precision. So developers, please add at least an option like "render in high precision". Regards, Daniel (doesn't meant to sound rude! sorry if it was! I appreciate your help!)
  6. Hello! I think I have found a bug. There a small gaps between the polygons, even in the rendered result. I have attached images and the source file to demonstrate that. Please take a look at the black piano keys. They have white lines, what looks cool, but is not intended! The polygons should close seamless according to their coordinates. Please correct me if I do something wrong. Regards, Daniel Synthi.afdesign

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