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  1. I have the same problem. I can't open any RAW files (NEF, RAF, ORF, etc). Only one exception: I can open DNG files. best whises
  2. I expressed wrong. I meant that I can not open raf files in affinity app. No problem with the jpeg. My workflow is firstly open in ligthroom, save on the photo reel, and from there finally open in affinity app. It's not the best way... Thanks My workflow is to first open in ligthroom, save on the photo reel and from there open in affinity app
  3. I aggre! I'm a user of WD My passport wiffi, and I can red my XT-2 files directly with Lightroom App using "open in" option in WD's App, but unfortunately I can't from Affinity app. For me is a big bug. I hope you will resolve it quickly. In adition, I'm user of google drive and it doesn't apear in "import from cloud" option. It's another bother. (I'm sorry for my english. I'm not english speaker) Best wishes