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  1. The app itself is only 1.3GB, but it's taking up 2.66GB, even without any photos, what's taking up all the space? Shouldn't it go back down to 1.3 GB after I delete the projects?
  2. Jwang

    Sony .arw files not supported?

    I'm using the 12.9 ipad pro, when i try to import the file it simply is not selectable. i can't seem to attach the file in this message because its too big, but I'll try to upload it to the dropbox folder. edit: I have uploaded the file to the dropbox folder. Edit v2 : upon further investigation, I found out that the arw file has changed when I had it in my Dropbox, and no longer had the extension. The problem seems to be with google drive, since I Re-uploaded the file to Dropbox and it can now be imported, but the same file won't import from google drive.
  3. Jwang

    Generating export ...taking really long

    Yep, not checking the embed metadata button works, thank you.
  4. Jwang

    Sony .arw files not supported?

    I'm using Sony a7, tried importing from Dropbox, google drive, iCloud Drive, without luck. It must be the file itself that's incompatible with AF.
  5. I have trouble importing arw files, it won't let me. This is a problem if I have to convert it to another format first, will there be support for more formats? Anyone else tried it?
  6. Where can I find the list of supported cameras for the iPad version right now? So far I have tried Sony a7 raw files and it doesn't work, I had to convert it to dng first. I have yet to try canon and Fuji files yet, but the a7 is fairly old, I'm surprised it's not supported.
  7. Just got the app today, and overall very pleased. Impressed with the speed when working on a photo, but when it comes to exporting, it takes so long that I thought it had frozen. Is this normal or will it be improved in future updates?