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  1. Here is a couple of feature request for Affinity Photo, Ipad , PC, Mac... Its properly a bit unrealistic, but Photoshop has these feature below, and i believe even Gimp has some of these features too!. Affinity Photo feature request Animations with time slider, output to HD .mov 3D mesh 3ds, obj import , simple 3d editor with shader, animations with meshes possible. 3D Extrude , bevel , lathe. Import of .mov and AVI files, editting video, very simple. Animation of video files (rotating, skew, scale in all Z,Y, Z axis). Filters or fx, that allow to draw gel or plastic , texture, water with 3d effect and phong shading, realtime light, shadows, just like Kai powertools 6!. Global 3d lighting system with spot, omni lights. lots of 2d texture, like zebra, tigers etc..., bitmap texture offcourse!. 3d text editor with materials and phong shading etc. Full lensflare editor , just like Red giant plugins, but more simple. Simple 3d particle fx editor, animatable More distortions filter, animatable. Better 2d lights, animatable. Support for import of audio wav files , simple editting.
  2. henrikh2017

    Affinity Photo crashing on iPad

    Thank you very much MEB Serif really rock! Its insane what Serif has acomplished, i was chocked when i saw affinity Photo for Ipad. I really wish there was animation tools in Affinity Photo and 3d import, simple editor, just like Photoshop CC!. Even video files import for simple editting, just like Photoshop. Allso fx like , reflection, refraction, materials like glass, gel, plastic.
  3. henrikh2017

    Affinity Photo crashing on iPad

    Hi, to everyone and Serif. Just bought Affinity Photo for ipad. I allso experince crashes in Affinty Photo. I did too change language setting from danish to english, now Affinity Photo, works perfect on my Ipad air 2. Deffently there is bug in Affinity Photo. I Really think, its because Serif was under pressure finishing Affinity Photo , especially when you think about Serif was doing a demos of Affinity Photo on apple keynote conference and was releasing shortly after! I allways did like Serif, the allways had / have greats software for pc, extremely cheap. I am tired of being forced to buy Photoshop cc, (which i didnt!), its just to expensive! definitely Affinity Photo is a serious competitor to Photoshop (take that Adobe!). Other photo editor is a joke!. I wish Serif could make Affinity Designer for Ipad! Allso 3D blender like editor from Serif for ipad could be awsome. Now it is time to save money an Ipad pro!.