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  1. Hi, Has anyone had any success installing Photo on a Linux machine using Wine. I did manage to get FL Studio, a Windows music app, to run perfectly that way but have failed in a couple attempts to make Photo work. Its a very quirky process and requires different work arounds for different Window apps. Anybody tried Wine successfully? Perhaps the developers can help??????? Thanks Very New User Bob Solomon
  2. Whoops...I found the problem...I'm dumb...didn't have all the Epson software installed...I've installed it and I have the complete set of printer functions. thanks for helping! Bob
  3. Hmmm...my Affinity Photo print dialog (Windows 10) doesn't look anything like that...and yes I have an Epson xp-820.
  4. There is no option there to select paper source as far as I can see...also doesn't seem to be a way set the print size to 5x7 even though that the image size. This printing dialog is very primitive if you ask me. I'm trying to escape Adobe's clutches but Lightroom is very powerful is this regard... Thanks Bob
  5. Hi, my printer has two paper trays and a rear manual paper feeder to choose from. I keep different size paper in each tray and use the rear feeder for heavier paper. There doesn't seem to be a dialog in the Affinity Photo print procedure to allow me to select the paper source. Is that really true? and if so, isn't that a major flaw in the program. Please tell me I missed something. Do I need to print to a file and print to the printer from another program? That seems wrong. Thanks Bob Solomon
  6. Has anyone successfully ran Affinity photo or designer in Linux (Wine)? Thanks Bob
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