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  1. Flipping it doesn't really help. We don't see it mirrored but as CBA instead of ABC. Even if we used an online tool to flip texts, it would break letter kernings especially for punctuation.
  2. Here as well, I bought ADesigner on day one being so impressed! It didn't have RTL support so I left it aside and forgot about it. Now being so frustrated with Adobe acting like a cables company, I tool a look again and was excited for v1.5 and APhoto's Trial ready to learn and buy it. I was bummed... I forgot there's no RTL... Too bad we can't use MacOS's typography... at least as an option to start clean documents with usable texts. Sketch doesn't have an explicit RTL support with advanced features but at least everything is displayed the right way. Like even a browser does when it recognizes the first Hebrew letters. I know here enough designers and companies that would die to unsubscribe from Adobe... Just like Sketch became a job requirement in here... I'm certain there are even more with Arab speakers. Beside that, awesome job Affiniteam!! My appreciation goes deeper than this rant :)
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