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  1. Hi everybody, for example, I've seen that by using / ] / or / [ / you can control the brush size... and although I've checked it in Preferences, It doesn't really works in my Windows 10. Any solution? thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everybody! First of all excuse me if my english is not very good, I am a not native speaker. The last day I planned to add the Google Nix Collection to my newly adquired Affinity Photo. But now I have a problem with the size of the window. Everything appears very, very small in it (although the window size is quite normal) and is very hard to me to see actons and words, and whatever inside the pannels. Could anybody help me, please? I urgently need to know how to resize that window(s) in order to see it(them) in a normal size! thanks a lot!
  3. Let's see if it will finally hapens!
  4. Sa Talaia des Romaní

    Screen test and printable ICC's in Affinity Photo

    Thanks a lot! I asked that because in case of print an album I know that in Ps the possibility to check your work in different ICC's profiles seems very useful. I'm going to check those videos. Thanks again!
  5. Hello everyone! Could, anyone outhere, explain to me how can I do my print test with the appropiate ICC used in diferents papers... And also, dou you remember which was the built-in-house CMYKB valor in Affinity Photo? I changed it and I absolutely forgot which one it was... Thanks in advance. Best regards!
  6. Yes. Thanks for sharing! It´s the same in my screen... Could it be changed ? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hello, my question is about the possibility of transform the perspective of one individual object into a picture, not to the hole picture. Anybody knows If it is possible? Thanks a lot!