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  1. I just checked whether or not the problem is something to do with my user account. I already had a separate admin account to my regular standard account, so i just logged in to that admin account and the problem still occurs there.
  2. Hi MEB, Thanks for your reply. I don't have any window manager utilities running. I actually have a similar problem in Logic Pro and in the Launchpad. So, as you suggest, it may be that something is wrong with my user account. I was also thinking that maybe I could try reinstalling the operating system.
  3. Can anyone help me with this please? I still have this problem.
  4. I have recorded and attached a 37 second video file. It shows me moving the cursor back and forth across the left edge of the right hand panels to try and demonstrate the cursor changing shape permanently to a resize cursor. After the first time it changes to a resize cursor permanently, I then click on the object layer to bring back the pointer cursor. I then try and demonstrate the problem again to show that moving the cursor leftwards into the centre of the window also brings back the pointer cursor. screen recording of Affinity Designer cursor changing problem.mov
  5. When I move the cursor rightwards into one of the panels on the right hand side (like the layers panel), it changes shape as it crosses the left edge of those panels. It changes into the 'resize' cursor that is used for resizing the width of the panels on the right hand side. Normally the cursor changes back into the 'pointer' cursor after the cursor has fully crossed past the left edge of the panels. But sometimes the cursor stays as the 'resize' cursor, normally if the cursor crosses the edge at a specific speed. This is kind of annoying as I want to use the pointer cursor, not the resize cu
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