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  1. I created a new document, and the problem still occurs, interestingly without realising I first dragged only one tab to the area and the problem did not happen, then when I combined the 2 tabs and tried again, the error occurred almost immediately. The stop code is UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP The driver error is from ntoskrnl.exe (short for Windows NT operating system kernel) an essential Windows component responsible for hardware abstraction, process and memory management, and various other system services. Here's a link to a video of the problem https://photos.app.goo.gl/NzKpjDQHaJVBd4Pq7 Since nothing else is causing this issue and my system works fine otherwise and I can recreate the problem even in a new document it's a problem with AD. You can claim it's not possible for Affinity to cause BSoD all you want, which maybe true from a purely technical stand point, but it's something that AD is doing that is triggering the issue that is causing the driver to crash. Pretending otherwise is just ridiculous semantics.
  2. The BSoD only gave me some generic error message like oh dear, there has been an error and windows is is creating a dump file with a sad face emoji lol, but the dump file didn't go past 0% after several minutes of waiting so I rebooted I'll create a phone video of recreating the process as it doesn't seem like I'll get an answer without doing so. I'll be back shortly...
  3. Where would I search to find out if the cause was related to cldflt.sys? I've checked in event viewer and strangely the only errors logged for the time it happened are related to the shutdown of the system being unexpected, which are all referencing events after the cause, not the cause itself. None of which mention cldflt.sys anyway
  4. Not impressed! This is the first time I've ever had BSOD on Win10 and Affinity Designer just did it twice trying to dock a pop out menu. Yes I'm using the latest version Yes I can recreate, it happen twice in a row doing exactly the same action. Its' only happened in the one document, but not willing to keep killing my OS just to test that. System details: Windows 10 Pro - latest updates etc. What happened? - It killed my OS and forced a restart, what did I expect... Not that! Steps to recreate: Load document Try to drag pop out tabs for character and paragraph options to be docked around the bottom right corner of the screen The menu will start to stutter, the system will lock up and then the OS will exit to the BSOD forcing a system restart. Screenshots: I could record on my phone but I'd rather not keep blue screening my system unless absolutely necessary. No unusual hardware Did it used to work? - Don't know
  5. There really need to be a better way of doing this. It's like 2 clicks in Adobe, there's some stuff that Affinity does great, and other bits they've really made a headache.
  6. Thanks MEB, but that's not the solution I was hoping for. Not pressing a button at all is even less comfortable to transition to. I wasn't aware Adobe couldn't switch it's default of the ALT key, so likewise MikeW, but if anything that just emphasises my point. When 99% of the other short cuts are identical and there's no need to change them in terms of transitioning, but one of the only changes they do make, is one you can't customise and possible the most frequently used? That's just someone's idea of a practical joke, surely. Like Serif has just done it to annoy people for the LOLZ, But honestly if one or the other of the programs allowed the switch I'd be happy to make the adjustment, It's the regular switching back and forth that makes it hard to get used to, it interrupts my workflow and wastes time, maybe very small amount at a time, but something used that frequently is gonna pile up fast and causes unnecessary frustration and mistakes when under pressure to meet deadlines, when time is money I think it unprofessional to not just fix it and make everyone's life easier, it's just one of those dumb things, that would probably take a programmer all of 5 minutes to resolve if they wanted to, my understanding of advanced programming languages is fairly limited, but I'm fairly sure I could find a YouTube Tutorial that could walk me through how to do it in less than an hour. Hell there's probably someone who's gone to the trouble of making a mod for it, if they have I'll get that, but I do find it laughable that looking through Adobe's forums people have had the opposite issue for various reasons going back to 2011 and probably further that one of these two big companies that have been around since before the Internet was much more than a social experiment and dozens of tiny gripes like these that could be fixed in a heartbeat just never get addressed. Affinity tackles a lot of bigger issues I've had with Illustrator since day one and could easily become my goto design tool over my adobe suit if they address a number of fairly important features that I'm bewildered are missing, like a bullet point styling system, it's like such a basic necessity with text design that it's been included in even the most basic of WordPressors for 30+ years, how someone decided that it was so far down the todo list it's still not been included after what 2 or 3 years, with no signs of it being anywhere on a priority list? I'm ranting now, but that's just... I have no words that adequately describe what a monumental oversight that was. Affinity is on the right path to becoming the next king of the hill, but they need to learn from Adobe's arrogance when it comes to addressing the little things as well as their big ones if they want to have the best product on the market. I'll be disappointed if Serif just choose to act like Adobe have by focusing primarily on new fancy features that sell more copies with the wow factor, over addressing the far more practical minor updates effecting existing customers who've already parted with their money so aren't as important as bringing in new business.
  7. In Affinity Designer I've found the options to change the keyboard shortcuts for the zoom function on their own, but can't seem to find an option to alter the "Ctrl + Mouse Wheel" to match, coming from being a photoshop/illustrator user I'm used to it being Alt + Mouse Wheel to zoom, it's a small thing to change, but it's a very vital part of the work flow and that one key switch when everything else is almost identical is just plain irritating. Is there a way to change this that I'm not seeing or should I put in a feature request? Surely I'm not the only one that this bothers? Kind Regards
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