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  1. Hi again, please find attached to this reply an ZIP-File containing an image with incorrect EXIF identifier. The file is exported from Affinity Photo like described in the initial post. Hope this helps. image-with-incorrect-exif-identifier.zip
  2. Hi Sean. I still get the error on both DEV-Enviroment and LIVE-Enviroment servers. Please add this to your wp-config.php define( 'WP_DEBUG', true); define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true); Wordpress now writes all logs entries to /wp-content/debug.log My Server-Configurations: DEV-Enviroment: PHP: 7.0.9 GD Version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible) Wordpress: 4.8.2 LIVE-Enviroment: PHP: 7.0.23 GD Version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible) Wordpress: 4.8.2 I just tested it again. Looks the error is generated by this line: (/wp-admin/includes/image.php - Line 430) $exif = @exif_read_data( $file ); The error output is: [03-Oct-2017 11:20:09 UTC] Array ( [type] => 2 [message] => exif_read_data(Untitled-1.jpg): Incorrect APP1 Exif Identifier Code [file] => /wp-admin/includes/image.php [line] => 430 )
  3. If I upload an exported JPEG image created with Affinity Photo ( to a WordPress site, it generates an error log entry. The error message is: "Incorrect APP1 Exif Identifier Code" I attached the image (image-crated-with-affinity-photo.jpg) to this post. I also added screen shots of my export settings. It looks like the GD-Library (PHP) has problems with the Exif data in the exported images. I worked with Photoshop Elements and never had this kind of problem. Here is WordPress' debug.log entry: [30-Sep-2017 10:19:50 UTC] Array ( [type] => 2 [message] => exif_read_data(image-crated-with-affinity-photo.jpg): Incorrect APP1 Exif Identifier Code [file] => \wp-admin\includes\image.php [line] => 430 )
  4. Today a Windows 10 "balloon notification" informed me about an issue with "apps which drain the battery" on my Surface Pro 4. Under "Settings -> Battery usage by App" Affinity Photo is listed with 49% "background usage" on position one! (I attached a screenshot from the Windows settings page.) I already posted another issue about the "Huge processor usage" if I use the selection tool. But I guess, this is not the same problem here, because its "background usage" this time. Does anybody experience the same battery usage problems?
  5. Hello, I'm using Affinity Photo on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) with Visual Desktops build in in Windows 10. This means, I have Affinity Photo on my 2nd Visual Desktop in Windows 10! (See screen shot) I wondered, why the processor usage of the "invisible and unused" Affinity Photo instance was sometimes very high... and sometimes not. I than found out, that the problem was a "selection" I've made on an opened image in Affinity Photo. (with the selection tool!) If I remove the selection (Ctrl-D), the processor usage is nearly 0 - With selection, the CPU usage is around 8% on a Surface Pro 4 / i5 / 4GB. Somebody else made the same experience?
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