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  1. I often open files in Photo by right-clicking the file and selecting Affinity Photo. Lately I have been running into a problem with this method. If Photo is already open I get the error, "Affinity Photo is already running", and the selected files do not open. I then either have to use the File>Open from within Photo or drag the file to the Photo icon in the Dock (Mac). Is this a known issue? Or is there a fix?
  2. Odd indeed. I can not get it back to 293% now. I never purposely set it so I have no idea how it got to 293%.
  3. I found that in the Paragraph tab there is a setting called "Desired Word Spacing". As you can see it is set to 293% which is the cause of the problem.
  4. Having an issue in Designer where text spaces are exceptionally wide. See image. This is one of those issues that occur sometimes. It seems to appear and go away. I figure I mistakenly hit some mysterious keyboard combination that causes it to come and go. Any idea what causes this and how I can I can fix this? Clarification: I am not referring to the tracking between the letters but the extra large space between JACKSON and HOLE. That is a single space.
  5. I have two objects that I want to "add" together to create one vector object. I have done this many times before but now I am getting poor results. Both layers are Curves. They are not text layers or shape layers. See before and after images below.
  6. It turns out this appears to be an issue with the font. I did the same exact thing in another vector program and got the same results. So it's not an issue with Designer.
  7. I am adding a 30 pt stroke to text in Designer and getting unsatisfactory results. Is there any settings that would fix this issue? Please see the image. The problem occurs on live text as well as text converted to shapes.
  8. Although I would love to see DXF export soon, it looks like we may have to wait until the 2.0 release. If it is not included in 2.0 I highly doubt I'll be upgrading. Not to mention it may be a while until 2.0 comes along. I don't think there has been any mention of it yet.
  9. For the laser cutters out there...being that AD does not yet have DXF export, what are you currently using to convert files to DXF? I am exporting SVG and using Inkscape to convert to DXF. I truly hate using Inkscape and would love to find another solution.
  10. I think I just found the setting. I changed Miter to 2 and things are looking much better. I don't know what Miter is but it did the trick.
  11. How can I add a stroke to text without the weird corners? See the below attachment that shows how Affinity Designer is handling stroked text compared to Illustrator. Is there a setting somewhere that can change stroke settings so it is handled more like Illustrator?
  12. I would like to throw in my vote as well that I really need DXF export. I, also, send my designs to a laser cutter and DXF is what the machine reads. I am creating ski resort trail maps in Affinity Designer, then I jump through hoops to turn it into DXF, then I cut the vector lines out of wood sheets. Hopefully, you will add this to your road map soon.
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