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  1. Just a mini update on a short term work around for the problem: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40075-affinity-designer-surface-book-crashing/ it's not an ideal fix as the problem is still there every time the Welcome screen pops up . . .
  2. I have just had the same problem on a windows 10 laptop. Sean P, your fix worked - it was the Welcome screen. But - I couldn't turn it off. When I whent Help > Welcome the Welcome screen popped up and Affinity crashed . . . looks like I am going to launch Designer by opening up old files now.
  3. This software is great - but I keep on getting bugs with it and it is really putting me off . . . I have tried opening Designer this morning and it immediately crashed with a pop up error saying - Unhandled Exception Code 0x80004003. I am using Windows 10 on a powerful gaming laptop so there shouldn't be any problems in terms of specs. I am wondering if this is a problem that is fixed in the beta updates - but I don't really want to update as I need this for commercial use. I have attached the crash report file to this post if anyone needs to look at it. Thanks in advance! cae4d011-5793-4b5b-9d1a-f335433f594d.dmp
  4. Hi. I have only just recently bought Affinity Designer for Windows 10 (about 2 days ago) and every now and then it just stops working and closes. Sometimes a window error will pop up saying "Affinity Designer has stopped working" but other times it just closes. It seems to be random. At the moment I am just using the pen tool to create some vectors and it still closes. I have barely changed any of the default settings. Is there anything to stop this from happening? Thanks!
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