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  1. No. Automating it via a macro would have been my next step, however, there doesn't seem be be any command to crop to a selection. I'm guessing that any command I can initiate manually I can also use in a macro, but this command doesn't seem to exist. If it's there and I'm missing it, please let me know!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm on the trial of Windows Affinity Photo and really hoped to be able to switch from Photoshop CC since my annual subscription is up for renewal very shortly. However, I've come across a few problems, most of which would just slow me down but one is a deal killer. Here's some observations I'd love to hear comments about (maybe ways around that I haven't found). Comparisons to Photoshop CC 2017 Tests running on Windows 10 64-bit, i5-2500 CPU, 16 GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1050, Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablet (Test system may not the latest, but it is very fast in PS.) Comments in no particular order... Flood Fill tool (Settings: 10% tolerance, Contiguous) Works EXTREMELY slow (2 seconds) compared to Photoshop (instant) No anti-aliasing option Select Sampled Color Doesn't save the last used tolerance %, always returns to 15% PS allows choosing invert during select so I can select everything except selected color. Grow/Shrink Selection Sama as above, doesn't keep last used setting for pixels, reverts to 0 every time. Automatic Cropping (Ctrl-R or Image/Crop) *** DEAL KILLER *** Just can't believe this doesn't even exist For product photos, in PS, after completing editing, I have an action that selects product from the white background, expands selection by 6 pixels, then crops to that automatically. It looks like there's no way to crop to a selection in Affinity which is a deal killer for me. I need an exact, consistent, 6 pixel border around every product image I edit, not a hand drawn approximation. Trim (Image/Trim) Another oddly missing feature. Trimming to either transparent pixels or a selected color is essential for me. Levels Missing eyedroppers to quickly set white, gray and black points in Levels I've only been using Affinity for a few hours, but I've watched some videos and can't find solutions to my problems. Any thoughts? Thanks, Lee

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