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  1. affbenny

    Reboot during development

    I just had a reboot when Affinity Photo was not running (it happnes ) It may be a Windows feature and not an Affinity Photo problem. Thanks.
  2. During raw development of a .RAF(FujiFilm) Windows reboots. It has happend two times. Maybe it was the same file. DSCF0650.RAF Windows 10 Version
  3. affbenny

    Presets in develop persona

    Thanks, Sean P I am looking forward to the fix.
  4. Hi Sean P, I have uploaded the RW2 file. Thanks
  5. Hi Affinity Photo, I use the preset feature in tabs, Basic, Lens and Details. For the first picture I load: I set the all 3 presets. For the next pictures I load: Photo shows the same presets, but they are not applied. So I have to set the same 3 presets again. It would help a lot if the presets are applied automaticaly when a new picture is loaded. Thanks
  6. Vignetting correction worked for me, in 1.5. How have you solved the problem so far?
  7. Hi, I have just installed Photo 1.6. Now the automatic lens correction does not work. It worked in the 1.5 version. I use the RW2 files. Camera: Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 Thanks
  8. Normally i export to both TIFF and JPG when I have finished editing in Photo. JPG is easy, it always remember my prefered settings. But TIFF: The Preset setting changes every time. It is empty or shows "TIFF RGB 8-bit". I always select "TIFF RGB 16-bit" and it should remember that. Windows, Photo
  9. Have you found a solution?
  10. I really need this feature too.
  11. I guess it is the .afphoto file that you need. Upload is done :) Bonus information: The vertial flip works in the same way.
  12. Hi, JFisher, yes I can. What file do you want. And how shall I send it?
  13. I load my RAW file. Then I straighten and crop it. Then I develop. Then I try the horizontal flip, but it does not work as expected. I expect Photo to flip the image that I see on the screen and not the RAW image. I attach the Unfilpped and the flipped image. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Hi MEB, Thank you, that work :) :)