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  1. I did consider the dxo app before purchasing affinity, but thought I could solve all of my photo editing issue with the affinity app. I am new to mac, so lots to learn!
  2. a simple perspective correction tool for flat objects on the wall--I used this feature regularly in paint shop pro before switching to a mac. I photograph paintings, and it is difficult to align oneself perfectly with the work as it hangs on the wall--this little tool, which is similar to a cropping tool, has four corner points which are placed on the corners of the object, and then a simple click aligns the object to a perfect rectangle.
  3. Thank you both--it seems a little complicated, but I did find it. I'm still not sure that "description' will work in the same way as "comment" as I am using them--my website pulls captions for photos from the comment section. Fingers crossed.
  4. I have experimented a bit with the live perspective tool, but it is more complicated than I would like. In my old Paint Shop pro program, there was a simple tool that allowed one to position a cropping box around an irregular rectangular object (like a painting photographed not quite squarely on) and with dots positioned at the four corners, a simple click straightened it all up. So it was a variation on a cropping tool, if that makes sense.
  5. How can I find image properties while working in Affinity Photo? and is it possible to add a comment?
  6. Is there a simple perspective adjustment tool, used to straighten photos of paintings on the wall
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