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  1. Hey Sean, in the beginning, I also thought this must be a problem with my machine, because otherwise a lot of people must run into it. But today I got the same Issue at my working place, on a different machine (MacBook Air, 8GB) with another apple ID, also Affinity Designer 1.5 and macOsX Sierra. Looking forward for a solution, as I introduced Affinity Designer as our new UX-/UI Tool at work. I attached a file with an embedded document, but this happens NOT just with this document, it crashes everytime I double click on an embedded document in an .afdesign-file :( thanks for your help peter embedded_crash.afdesign
  2. Hi, Affinity Designer Crashes instantly when I try to open an embedded document inside a .afdesign file. This happens every time, with every file and every embedded document on my 27" late 2012 IMac running Sierra 10.12.4. I attached the Apple Crash Report, thought this might be useful for you. Do you need any further information? ... despite that little Issue, I have to say I really love the new Features 1.5 is coming with! You all have done such a great job! greets peter designer-apple-crash-repor.txt