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    himbeerhacks reacted to Hangman in Why Global Master Page Elements on Individual Pages?   
    This question is really for Matt or Chris or the Moderation Team...
    Is there any practical reason why master page items in the layers panel for individual pages are global rather than local? I haven't yet seen the logic of this. It would be great if you can create your master page with all items used throughout the document but have the ability to selectively uncheck individual items on a page by page basis without it impacting all the other pages in the file, e.g. page numbers or certain graphics which you may not want to appear on specific pages, without the need to use a separate master page.
    It just seems very logical to me because you have access to each master page item from each individual page, what is the benefit of these items being global on individual pages, i.e. why does unchecking the page number on an individual page hide it on all other pages as well, is this by design and if so what is the logic?

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