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  1. Something I noted today: the problem only occurs if you do not export the entire document but a selection with background. The entire document export looks perfect, the selction export has the described problem.
  2. Sure, see attachment. EOS-Scribbles__ALT.afdesign
  3. Just tried version with the file above. The issue is still there. Just uploaded a PNG export from 1.5.3.of the top part of the file to the dropbox link above as well. Something I also noted: there seems to be a similar issue with exports from Affinity Photo. May be the problem is a wrong / outdated grafics dll somewhere? Strange though, because its a new machine and up to date Windows 10. I do however have an installation of Adobe creative Suite CS 2 on the same machine. Should not have an impact an Affinity though, since I have installed the Affinity products and their updates *after* the Adobe stuff. The export to PSD works fine by the way. JPG and PNG (have not tested other options) have the issue described.
  4. Sorry, I missed your reply, probably because the email went to my spam folder. I have now uploaded the original file using the link above. Thanks for your help! I am using a Microsoft Surface Book with Windows 10.
  5. I run Designer and I have an issue when exporting to any rasterized file format be it PNG, JPG, ... Changing the resampling method does have a slight impact on quality, but it is never as it should be. See the attached screenshot: left is how Designer displays the document on my screen at 100%, right is a PNG export with PNG-24 preset selected at 100%. The shadow doesn't render correctly and the fonts render very badly in the PNG. Thanks for helping with this!