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  1. Hi, got a little problem. After windows10 update i can start affinity designer, but it only show that is on in app tray but app wont start already. If i open picture direct in affinity i got view of picture open but UI of affinity designer is not visible.
  2. Thanks everyone for help. It was my fault, cause i did not have right settings for bleed..
  3. Okay, this is the issue im talking about http://oi63.tinypic.com/imjjw5.jpg I just want to know, how tu change setting for trim marks etc just like in illustrator (so the print marks go threw picture instead of by the picture like in affinity option).
  4. Ye, I dont really need that red lines. I mean crop marks in Affinity goes by background not threw background.
  5. Okay, thanks :). Is there any plan for future?
  6. I do not know if you understand my problem... I just want to have my printed marks like this: http://www.digipedia.cz/uploads/3/dotlace-002.jpeg(so it cover background too).
  7. Hello, i have a little problem. I came here from adobe illustrator and I have the problem with export for printing. I wanna have pdf with print marks and graphic fill all the paper, not just resize by print marks.
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