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  1. I thought I was being a numpty given that I had to zoom in so far to edit nodes properly, or that it was a problem with my original iPad Pro. Now I see that it isn't just me! (phew) It would be really handy on the iPad to have a function of a tool to either move nodes, or to edit the control handles. Too easy to get frustrated with the little blighters at the moment.
  2. Great, at least that clears it up for the grid colours and divisions. Pity about the guides though. I really wanted to change them to be IN YOUR FACE temporarily. Thanks for the response!
  3. Sorry, just realised that I didn't clarify I am working in Desginer.
  4. Hi all, Generally not sure if I'm being an idiot, but I can't find any information on modifying the appearance of guides (and grids). I happen to be working on a document that requires very specific alignment and the easiest way to to this is via the guides. I then hit a problem. My document uses the same blue as the guides, rendering them completely invisible. :rolleyes: I was wondering if it's possible to change the colour/thickness of guides and grids? I can obviously work around it, but figured I might be missing something. Cheers, Caz
  5. Hi guys, Getting a really frustrating "Unhandled exception - Code 0xC0000005" error which causes Designer to crash. Running build on Windows 7. The error follows a scroll action, panning or zooming into a page. I'm also using a Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH-651), so honestly wouldn't be surprised if Wacom's wonderfully written drivers weren't compounding the problem (6.3.19-3). The unhandled exception will happen when either the mouse or tablet is used. Ideas? Cheers, Caz
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