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  1. But is it enabled by default? On one of my installations it was disabled as default. Have to check the other tonight
  2. Hi Gary Glad I am not alone :-) We should make a group and put "pressure" on Serif to fix the problem :-D All the best Jes
  3. Hi Chris Thanks for the reply. I have tried different things and still notice this delay. Even after going through the Wacom tablet settings. I thought it might have something to do with the sensitivity of the pen - pressure etc. If I use the paintbrush with the preview color in the cursor and wait until the color disappear and goes white - then it becomes more "fluent" and the start of the movement less laggy. But I will test the 1.6. beta and see if there is any difference. Thanks Jes
  4. I have this small but quite annoying problem when using a Wacom Intuos 4 medium pen tablet in Affinity Photo When I do something - like creating a brushstroke or moving a handle on a tool etc. - there is a slight "lag" or delay before it actually starts to work. It's only a split second but enough to disturb the workflow. If I put the pen down and wait a short while, it will activate and work as expected. I have tested the tablet in an old Photoshop version and in Wacoms own configuration software, and in both cases it works fine and as expected. No lag at all. Has anybody experienced this problem or maybe has an explanation or even a solution :-) I am on a Windows 7 machine and newest version of Affinity Photo. Thanks Best regards Jes
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