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    Colour list

    Great! can't wait...
  2. After a few importing tests (Freehand and Illustrator) the colour swatches have disappeared from the swatches palette, no matter the choice made in the drop-down menu. Strangely, if you click on the empty grey area, you can pick (and then visualize) a random ghost swatch. After restarting the application, swatches show normally.
  3. Hello there, I haven't found a way to show the colour palette in a list. For me, this is the easiest way to manage and choose colours, as you can see not just the tiny swatch, but the name of it and/or their CMYK/RGB components. If it's not implemented, I'd like you to take it as a feature request. That's the way I used to work in Freehand and in Illustrator as well. Thanks and congratulations!