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  1. I suddenly find that Photo will not save new files--it will only overwrite existing files with same name/location. The error msg is that the "file cannot be found", as if I were trying to open a file rather than save it. Thanks.
  2. Hello, This thread has experienced video editors, so I hoped you may have answer to a problem I've encountered. The SVG files I've export from Affinity Designer are not accepted by OpenShot video editor. Does anyone have experience with this? Do I need to select a specific SVG option in Designer? Also, I've found that exporting a text block with transparent background in PNG format results in OpenShot with no visible text, although viewed in other photo apps the text is visible. This latter is probably a question for OpenShot, but maybe someone has an insight about what Designer is doing that may have this result? Thanks for your insights.
  3. In Affinity Photo (Windows), I would like to batch resize a group of images so that none are wider than the specified pixel size. If I set the width in the save JPEG setting, images are also upsampled if they are smaller than the specified width. I tried entering clampMin(1500, 1500) for the width setting and that did not do what I wanted. Again, in a batch job, I want to down size (resample) everything wider than 1500 but leave everything 1500 pixels wide or smaller at its original size. How can this be done when setting up a new batch job? Thanks for any suggestions! Doug
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