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  1. Hi, I would like to save history as separate txt file : for research, scientists are required to keep data regarding all changes done to a picture/photograph. Is it possible to save all previous changes's records as a text file? (like right click on history panel) Thanks
  2. Hi, Same problem this morning but when I open a document (see attachment). The document opened yesterday is visible. I did not closed it and I can work on it. Aphoto is open for a day (as Adobe indesign). I open another one (aphoto format) and the same problem : Document is not displayed but I can see the layers created. In attachment, the result. I close Aphoto and reopen. I have got the same problem with all documents I opened. Curiously, in the blind I can work on the document, create a new layer, fill in white and save it !
  3. Hi, No, this doesn't happen all the time. My specs : MacBook Pro, Intel Core i5, 2,5 GHz, 8 Go, El Capitan 10.11.6. Usually, this happen when : Affinity is open for a long time and I open and close many docs. I copy-paste from Adobe indesign, Mac capture or jpeg files. I close and reload aPhoto to solve the problem, generally, it works. Others applications work. Regards
  4. Hi, When I use free hand polygonal selection tool to delete a part of an image, (with delete key), it does not work. I must change tool to rectangular marquee an then I can delete. Regards
  5. hello, I have sometime a problem using "new from clipboard" option. Document is not display but I can see the layer created. In attachment, the result. Thank for your answers
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