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  1. Hello, yes, there is an unfilled hole in the market, many people are backend/frontend developers, websites developers etc. and the work in linux because it is much better for them to work in Linux. The biggest problem is dealing with all those designers who are sending you some crappy PSDs. As a programmer myself, I hate Photoshop because it is not used for UX mockups and now because I have to run in under Wine just to open what the designer has done. We, both developers and designers, lack a tool which would be a good choice for our interaction. Affinity designer seems to be a potential candidate to fill the hole in the market, but you really lack Linux support. You seem to spend really much resources on supporting both Win ans Mac native UI APIs, you could spend 1.5-2 times less money and resources if you used Qt for developing for all 3 platforms. Of cource, I cannot say for sure that Qt will be a good choice for you, but still. I haveired designers by myself but next time I do it I will look for a designer who will make a design in Inkscape/GIMP/etc because I will not have to depend from adobe/CC/windows/etc. Adobe's managers partly reasonably write on their forums that in case of releasing a Linux version they will not get new users because only old users will migrate to another OS. In your case a market of post-adobe era is opened to you, and I myself will do everything possible to get the market rid from entirely depending on someon's solutions. Money is the only instrument to do that.

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