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  1. Haha I swear you guys are hilarious it seems like just aren't reading my posts very thoroughly. This is the last time I'm going to say it. I saved many of the designs I was working on. However, there were some that were a work in progress. I rarely turn my laptop off because I'm constantly using it. Since its a solid state, even when it dies, it keeps track of my programs that are running and what not. I had been working some designs that day and the day before and I restarted my computer because it was getting slow. I purposely did not save them because it had restored them every other time and it would have again if the trial didn't run out. I knew the trial was almost over but I was under the impression that when I purchased the full version it would be a code to unlock the trial since it was already the full program with a timer. I knew that they weren't actually saved I know what saving is goddammit! hahaha The only part that made me bitter off is that you guys could have told me about the autosave folder from the very beginning instead all 3 people said I could only recover them if they were manually saved and the trial was over. Period. It wasn't until some random person on this thread took the time to tell me about the AUTOSAVE folder. I know how saving works so stop telling me that I am misusing the program. I can use the program however I want and guess what?! I have all my designs safe and sound like I knew I would with the right help. I'm still not saving them and I haven't lost one after using it for 2 weeks Also, This isn't the first time this has happened to someone I found two other posts from others. Both times your team told people it was impossible to recover them and that they were sorry for their losses. You could have helped these people save their designs instead of telling them they were screwed If something keeps happening like that then as a customer service team you are supposed to fix the problem not just tell people that they don't what they are talking about and they are screwed. Changing the preference settings label doesn't change the fact that the files are stored in a folder called autosave and two different autosave topics come up in the help menu. Why not just change it to a real autosave feature? you ever think of that? Or warn people that when the trial ends unsaved designs will be lost? oh wait that's not true because they are automatically saved in the AUTOSAVE folder... :D Brother, how you going to say I'm confused when I was right the whole time. I knew the files were on my computer some where I just did not know exactly where. I FOUND AND RECOVERED MY FILES WHILE AFFINITY TOLD ME IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE. If anyone is confused its Affinity's customer service team/moderators and you for being their little lap dog. Seriously guys, I'm the best so just stahp. PEACE.
  2. Right, they are only the minimal amount of data needed needed so that Affinity can rebuild the design and I knew that. I knew that no other program could rebuild those designs from those files That's why copying the autosave folder to the full version of Affinity tricked the program into rebuilding them. I described exactly what I have been doing in all my posts and emails so that I could recover my designs for the company I work for. If it's not really an autosave then it should not be called autosave. How is mistaking that anyone's fault but Affinity's for being incorrectly labeled. However, I knew that it could be done and was unsure how to do it so i asked. I was just very bitter about the way your guys team handled my queries. All good though. I got all those files. I just hope this comes in useful for someone else someday.
  3. I know how computers work. I knew those files were somewhere on my computer because I restored them each time I turned on my computer. I didn't save all of them manually because they were works in progress. Its ridiculous how you all keep saying they are gone. I found them in the "autosave" folder as the nice gentlemen above suggested and restored them like I knew I could. All I did was copy the autosave folder from the trial version to the full version. Next time someone has this issue which they undoubtedly will since you guys mislabeled a feature and don't warn that the full version will be a separate download (Most times you have a trial you get a code to unlock the full version out of the program that you already running.) , point them in the direction of this post. I have read multiple other posts of people with the same problem so maybe instead of just saying "Sorry those files are lost" just tell people the truth, eh? Thanks you and PEACE.
  4. That is the same response I got in email from your guys team! Do you think I'm an idiot or something or did you just not even read what I posted. I guess I have to type the exact same thing again... I DID NOT SAVE THE FILES BECAUSE THEY AUTOMATICALLY SAVE AND RESTORE. I did not know the trial was over because it did not warn me. It did not warn me that unsaved files would be lost when the trial ended. I know they are still there because nothing has changed except that I can't open the trial due to its expiration. I understand that you can't give out how to reset the trial but I need these designs. I could lose my job for this. I will send you a USB with the entire program on it if I have to. I really like this program and I have bought the full version but the customer support so far has been poor at best. Both of the people I talked to treated me like a child like I don't know how to save a file and how to find it. I have a bachelors in computer science so please be real with me now. Help me recover these files.
  5. I have been using the trial. I was under the impression that once the trial expired that i would get a code when I purchased that would unlock the program. I did not think it would be a completely different program. I have numerous designs that would have been restored when the trial opened back up. Instead the trial is now over, and though I spent my hard earned cash on the program, I cannot recover those files that i put tons of time into which is far more important than money. These are logos and designs that I made for the business I work for as the project manager so I was paid for this time and my managers, the owners of the company, are not going to be happy to say the least. I need these files recovered. There was no warning that this would happen. It didn't even warn me the trial was almost over or anything. You guys gotta do better than that. I don't want to hear "Were sorry but there is no way to recover these files" because I know that they are somewhere on my hard drive. Whether you need to extend the trial so I can open it one more time or whatever. It needs to happen. Please and thank you.
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