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  1. Haha I swear you guys are hilarious it seems like just aren't reading my posts very thoroughly. This is the last time I'm going to say it. I saved many of the designs I was working on. However, there were some that were a work in progress. I rarely turn my laptop off because I'm constantly using it. Since its a solid state, even when it dies, it keeps track of my programs that are running and what not. I had been working some designs that day and the day before and I restarted my computer because it was getting slow. I purposely did not save them because it had restored them every other ti
  2. Right, they are only the minimal amount of data needed needed so that Affinity can rebuild the design and I knew that. I knew that no other program could rebuild those designs from those files That's why copying the autosave folder to the full version of Affinity tricked the program into rebuilding them. I described exactly what I have been doing in all my posts and emails so that I could recover my designs for the company I work for. If it's not really an autosave then it should not be called autosave. How is mistaking that anyone's fault but Affinity's for being incorrectly labeled. How
  3. I know how computers work. I knew those files were somewhere on my computer because I restored them each time I turned on my computer. I didn't save all of them manually because they were works in progress. Its ridiculous how you all keep saying they are gone. I found them in the "autosave" folder as the nice gentlemen above suggested and restored them like I knew I could. All I did was copy the autosave folder from the trial version to the full version. Next time someone has this issue which they undoubtedly will since you guys mislabeled a feature and don't warn that the full version will
  4. That is the same response I got in email from your guys team! Do you think I'm an idiot or something or did you just not even read what I posted. I guess I have to type the exact same thing again... I DID NOT SAVE THE FILES BECAUSE THEY AUTOMATICALLY SAVE AND RESTORE. I did not know the trial was over because it did not warn me. It did not warn me that unsaved files would be lost when the trial ended. I know they are still there because nothing has changed except that I can't open the trial due to its expiration. I understand that you can't give out how to reset the trial but I need thes
  5. I have been using the trial. I was under the impression that once the trial expired that i would get a code when I purchased that would unlock the program. I did not think it would be a completely different program. I have numerous designs that would have been restored when the trial opened back up. Instead the trial is now over, and though I spent my hard earned cash on the program, I cannot recover those files that i put tons of time into which is far more important than money. These are logos and designs that I made for the business I work for as the project manager so I was paid for thi
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