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  1. evitorino

    The color of my whites are tinted yellowish

    Hey, thanks for the answer. I have solved the issue, after the last windows update, windows added the windows default color profile for my monitor to the monitor's profile list. Something weird happened with the update i think, since after it, i had both the default color profile and my custom x-rite profile marked as "default" or "active" by windows, i cannot recall the exact term, as i am now on OSX and can't verify. I tried choosing one of them as the default but nothing changed. After that i deleted the default profile. Problem solved. Maybe it was the fact that both profiles were marked as active? Anyway i will attach to this message the profile i created with x-rite on windows. The default one provided by windows alas i deleted it . PS: I am using an Radeon RX 480 with updated drivers. 2460G5-01-07-2017.icm
  2. evitorino

    The color of my whites are tinted yellowish

    Hey @Sean P i am currently having the same issue on my windows 10 PC with an AOC G2460V. In your post you asked to remove the monitor profile assigned to the monitor and replace it with sRGB standard one to solve the tint issue. For me that is a problem since i am using X-Rite's i1 Display Pro color profiler to create my calibrated display color profiles. Besides, Affinity Photo and Designer worked fine on my PC until a week ago more or less. So it might be some change in the new windows 10 version? At the moment i cannot send you the monitor profile i use on my AOC as i'm in the office and the PC with the problem is at home, if you need the color profile let me know. Do you any other info on this matter?

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