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  1. Thank your reply Callum. “Try changing the display dropdown to Metal” you said. Is it in Performance of the preferences of APh, right? Or is it another option in mac’s preferences? Above of screen-shot, i setted display Metal(メタル). Maybe Japanese make you confused. I’m Sorry. I did format and downgrade my OSX Mojave to High Sierra for using GPU acceleration. But APh can’t detect any GPU for Metal yet. So tired and sad.
  2. hi there. at first, sorry for my poor English. I want to change the app for photo. thus I picked APh up. I have heard it is so great app instead of adobe's one. however, [no compatible GPU] on my MBP(2017 / 15") gonna make me sad. maybe with out gpu accelariton, i can't handle my d810 raw and jpeg files. in fact, without it, it perform terribly!!! what is the reason that my APh can't find GPU?
  3. hi harrym. thanks your reply and advice. i decided to accept your advice. in fact, i think AP's performance of editing for JPEG is fantastic and light. so i will make new partner of RAW processing tool while i will use AP as finishing tool. have a nice photo days!
  4. hi there. i'm a pro-photographer. i decided Affinity photo is good enough to work in my field after i had watched many tutorial videos. however, during testing trial of this app, i found 2 of the big problems for me. first, when i open raw up, it takes about 20~30 secs by just only one RAW.(at photoshopcc, it took just 2secs to do open it) i can't endure it seriously because i usually import at least 200 of RAW files at once. first, during development RAW, reaction of image is too slow. here is my circumstance. RAW : d810's 14bit cRAW computer : Macbook pro 2015 early 13" 256ssd with 8gb ram / using lowest monitor resolution performance option : check out all of options and set it for best speed. and order using about 6gb ram, 20 history is it normal to take long time to open raw? thanks.

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