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  1. Got it. Thanks for your help. Actually, when I right-click on the icon and go to Options, the only choices I see are Keep In Dock, Open At Login, and Show In Finder. But no matter, I see how it works now. Thanks.
  2. I can't figure out how to use a second monitor with Affinity Photo, the way I do in Lightroom. I did a search and learned that it seems to be called - or is related to - "separated mode", and I found that under the Window tab, but clicking on that just takes away the image and leaves only the toolbars. How do I get the image in an editing screen on my iMac and the edited image by itself - no toolbars - on my external Dell monitor? Thanks.
  3. I'm evaluating Photo via the free trial. So far, I like it and will probably switch from LR. But one thing is puzzling: in the Getting Started tutorial, the demonstrator shows the use of the Inpainting Brush. He gets it from the list of tools at the left edge of the screen, same place as the crop tool and a bunch of others. In my version, the Inpainting Brush is not there. I understand that it has to be used on a Layer and the Layer has to be in pixels, but in this case the Brush is just not there. Is the free trial missing some features that I'll get when I buy the program? Thanks.
  4. I'm using the Free Trial. I like Photo so far, but - the tutorial shows the use of the Inpainting Brush and I can't find that. In the tutorial, he gets the brush from the list of tools on the left edge of the panel, where the Crop Tool, Pen Tool, etc. are located. The Inpainting Brush is not in that list. Is this something that's not part of the free trial, i.e., I don't get that until I buy the software? Thanks in advance.
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