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  1. //edit: I've been told to move it to "bugs on mac" Dear all, when I batch process several RAW (*.CR2) files to jpeg all jpegs are way too dark. They don't look nearly like the original. When I use the develop persona for each single RAW file instead, the files look almost the same like the original (but also a little darker then the original). This applies only, when all assistants (except for lens correction) are activated prior to processing (View > Assistant Manager > Develop Assistant). If all of these assistants are deactivated, the pictures differ a lot from the originals and are also way too dark - compared to the RAW files (files look like after batch processing). Do you have an idea, what could be the reason for this? I am shooting pictures only in RAW with my camera and need to batch process all RAWs to jpegs afterwards. For now, I can't do this with Affinity Photo, because each single jpeg is way too dark. For my understanding: The Affinity Photo RAW converter should not change the RAW file in any way, as long as I don't change anything while developing (just import -> export to jpeg). Am I right? This is not the case when using Affinity Photo for RAW development - at least for me. The pictures always differ from the RAW file (they already differ after importing. Exporting seems not to be the problem). sometimes differ slightly: single processing in develop persona with assistants activated. sometimes differ very much: batch processing or single processing and all assistants deactivated. When using "Camera RAW" (just import -> export to jpeg) without any changes, after exporting the pictures look exactly the same like the originals (RAW). So the RAW files are not corrupt. OS: macOS 10.12.4 Affinity Photo: latest version available on app store Camera: Canon EOS 70D (latest firmware) Thank you very much in advance for any hints meeexx
  2. Hi Chris_K, thanks for the fast reply. Indeed, there was the option activated. Unfortunately, it's not any better. Please find attached two pics, where you can see the distortion (at the door's edges and the top of the pic -> the white line). Thanks and cheers, meeexx //edit: your hint helped for the cr2 files (canon) but not for the RAF fuji files (HS50EXR). Since, I don't have a fuji camera anymore, I think, you won't need to investigate any longer, in order to help me (unless others are interested in :) Thank you so far...now I can go on developing the pics :)) Topic can be closed (:
  3. Hello, when opening a raw file (either fuji (RAF) or canon (cr2)) the pics are always distorted. Even if nothing was done with the pic (only import -> develop -> export). The pic is distorted right after import. I don't use any objectiv correction - at least I'm not aware of. I use the latest Affinity Photo version from the App Store. In addition, I de-/installed the programm several times completely new -> always the same behavior. My MBP 13" late 16 without Touchbar runs the current and latest macOS version. If you need some example pics, please let me know how to provide you with the pics. Thanks in advance, meeexx
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